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Investor Frequently Asked Questions


Q :  What is the production capacity and production capacity utilization rate of the company? 
A : Our current production capacity for each product is:

Bulb: 113 millions units/year.

Lamp: 40 millions units/year.

Die & Mould: 400 sets/year.

Current production capacity utilization rate is approximately 95%.

Q : How has your company been affected about Thailand situation now?
A : The overall economic slowdown whic directly affect to the automotive industry and company to sold and production decreasing
Q : What is the primary raw material for production of the company? Where does it come from?
A : Our primary raw material is plastic resin; for example, Poly Cabonate (PC), Bulk Molding Compound (BMC), Poly Propylene (PP),

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styryne (ABS).


70% of raw materials are purchased from local suppliers. Other 30%, which are imported materials, are purchased from Stanley Group.

Q : What is sales ratio of each product?
A : Approximately, Lamp 90%, Bulb 8% and Die & Mould 2%.
Q : How would Eco Car Project affect the company?
A : The company have model for all of the car maker in this project.
Q : How is the company’s export sector?
A : Currently, 15% of our export business is direct export to Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, India, Pakistan, Australia and Europe. Another

40% is indirect export in which we supply parts for companies which manufacture vehicles for exporting.

Q : Who are the company’s customers? What is the market share of the company?
A : Our customers are vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. See more details in Plant & Product page.

Our market shares are 95% in motorcycle market and 55% in automobile market.

Q : What is the competitiveness of the company?
A : The lighting industry requires sophisticated technology and enormous investment. That’s why there are only few companies in this

industry. It could be considered that we are the most competitive company in this field since we have the most complete manufacturing

technology, covering all processes from product design to mass production. Furthermore, we are a listed company listed in the Stock

Exchange of Thailand so, we are able to raise fund at a low cost. All of these factors have brought us to a highly competitive position.

Q : What is the company’s cost management approach?
A : We have been placing importance on cost and waste control. We employ SNAP (Stanley New Approach for higher Productivities), a

system particularly developed for Stanley Group. It is the system to study and monitor every process as well as to detect and eliminate

waste. By using this system, we can control our production cost to be in a satisfactory level.

Q : What is the company’s investment policy?
A : Our plan is to make continuous investment. Each year we will invest not less than 800 millions Baht on Die & Mould, machines and

equipments to support the technology development of our product.