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Risk Management Policy



Risk Management and Control Policy

The Company must control and reduce the impact of unexpected events and sustainably maintain the operational objectives including controlling the compliance with the laws and international standards.
Therefore , the Company requires that ,

1. EBM brings guideline in risk management and control to be part of the control of strategic management policy and management according to the objectives within the Company.

2. There is a Risk Management Committee (RM Committee) responsible for the consideration and screening of potential risks and impacts on the implementation of
strategic management policies , compliance with laws or relevant standards and the severe impact on the Company.

3. There is the RMC that is responsible for the overall monitoring , evaluation and performance evaluation of the management plan for risk management in the operational process of the management of the Company.

4. There is an effective risk management and control process that complies with international standards and does not conflict with the good governance of Thailand.

5. There is an Internal Audit responsible for concretely reporting the effectiveness of the risk management and control operation to the Audit Committee and Risk Management Committee of the Company.