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Risk Management Policy



Risk Management and Control Policy

To Control and reduce the impact of the risks that may arise and maintain
the sustainable business objective, including control the implementation also comply
with the international laws and standards.

The Company is determined to
1. Risk Management & Control, being a part to control the strategic management policy and
management objectives of the Company.

2. Designate the risk management team or committee to consider the risks factor, a likelihood
and a severity, which have an affect on the company’s strategic management policies,
compliance with laws or relevant standards.

3. Manage the risk that may affect the operations of the company to be at the highest
efficiency and to be an acceptable level.

4. Assign the responsibility person to be audit and evaluate to the operations risk management
in business process within the company.

5. An effective Risk Management & Control process, be conform to the international standards
and not conflict with good governances and laws of Thailand.

6. Assign the responsibility person to report the effectiveness of Risk Management & Control
system to the company’s Risk Management Committee and Audit Committee.