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Environment Policy


The Environmental Policy


          To reflect our environmental vision, all employees are required to be aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding environmental conservation and protection while performing their jobs. The following is our policy in this matter.


  1. We commit to practice, control and protect the use of natural resources as well as mitigate environmental impacts resulting from our operation for compliance with environmental laws and other requirements.
  2. We strive to develop and enhance our environmental management systems relating to our products and services to prevent and minimize environmental impacts and to extend our practice to others involving in our operation.
  3. We promote and support environmental activities such as training, public relations campaigns and others to raise environmental awareness among our employees. We also directly and indirectly promote and support environmental protection and mitigation campaigns.
  4. Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited discloses our environmental policy as a means to communicate with stakeholders and the public at large and to express our commitment to monitor, protect, enhance and develop the environmental management system.
  5. We support and take part in environmental activities held by local communities by collaborating with public or other local agencies.
  6. We support the environmental shop floor management activities to achieve our best practice in environmental management.
  7. Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited conducts a regular assessment regarding the compliance with this policy.