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Environment Policy


Basic environmental Philosophy

Stanley Group will strive to “create new values in harmony with the environment” through all our corporate activities by reducing the environmental impact to a bare minimum, so that we can pass on the immeasurably rich blessings of our earth and its ecosystem to the next generation.

Environmental and Energy Conservation Policy

The Company adheres to the “Basic Environmental Philosophy” by being aware of its role and responsibility for environmental conservation in its activities. Most of which are in the automotive equipment business ,component business and electronic product business

  1. The Company sets overall environmental goals for the entire life cycle of all activities, products and services of the Stanley Group. Including pushing for global environmental conservation. Prevent pollution Climate change mitigation and sustainable use of resources.
  2. The company complies with environmental laws and regulations of each country and region. and other requirements that the Stanley Group companies agreed upon Including controlling the standards that have been set ourselves.
  3. The company is committed to continuously improving its environmental management system to improve environmental performance.
  4. The company promotes environmental education and public relations activities. To make all employees and Stanley Group companies aware of the basic environmental philosophy and environmental policy by striving to convey this to the company’s business partners and be informed and cooperate.
  5. The company is committed to disseminating basic environmental philosophy and environmental policy to the general public. Including disclosing information and communicating environmental activities in response to requests from outside the company.
  6. The company places importance on participating in environmental conservation activities together with government agencies. local community and related organizations
  7. The company is committed to managing and conserving energy by complying with the law on energy conservation and various regulations related.
  8. The Company considers energy conservation to be the responsibility of executives and employees at all levels of the company who must cooperate in complying with the specified energy conservation measures, including regularly monitoring, inspecting and reporting to the Energy Conservation Committee. This is to express the intention to continuously improve energy efficiency.
  9. The company allocates resources related to energy conservation and energy management adequately and appropriately so that energy management operations are in accordance with the objectives and goals that have been set.
  10. The company drives the production process including other activities related to energy use for energy conservation and the most efficient use of energy It is considered part of the company’s operations.
  11. The company works to improve the energy efficiency of the organization to suit the nature and amount of energy actually used. To be consistent with the nature of the industry suitable technology Including applying good practices appropriately and continuously.
  12. The company seeks clean energy to create sustainable energy and environmental conservation and is ready to disclose, transmit, and publicize energy conservation activities to relevant parties and the public.
  13. Reduce CO2 emissions according to the 2023 annual indicators