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Safety Policy


Safety, Health, and Environmental Workplace Policy


1. Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited concerns about the life and healthiness of all staffs and agrees to proceed on

the safety,health, and environmental workplace policy together with the responsible duty of staffs with the policy as follows

2. The company is committed to ensuring that safety is the first priority in every employee’s performance.

3. The company will always comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards related to occupational health and

safety at the workplace.

4. The company will always support the improvement of appropriate working environment and continue to promote secure

practices, ranging from using appropriate protective equipment to maintaining good health of all employees.

5. The company will encourage various safety-based activities that will stimulate greater awareness of safety among employees

both inside and outside the workplace.

6. The company has requested all supervisors to be good role models, leaders, trainers, and motivators to encourage employees

to produce excellent working performances in a secure way.

7. The company has urged all employees to consider their own safety, including security of colleagues and the company’s

assets at all times.

8. The company has promoted its occupational health and safety campaign to reflect the cleanliness, comfort, cleanliness,

hygiene, and habit-forming in the workplace to prevent accidents and diseases due to operations.

9. The Company has motivated all employees to take part in the company’s occupational health and safety program,

where all employees will possess the right to offer productive comments and feedbacks on the improvement of working 

conditions and the development of operational safety.

10. The company has offered its firm support to the development of human resources and investment budgets allocated  

for the management of occupational health and safety at the workplace, ensuring the highest safety for all parties involved.

11. The company has promoted its Completely Check Completely Find Out (CCCF) program to achieve the goal of zero

accident both inside and outside the workplace.

12. The Company regularly reviews its performances complying with the well-developed policies.