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Corporate Governance Policy



The Company’s Board of Directors have a strong intention to carry out the business at our best potential which will lead us to

achieve the aim and objective of the company. In order to allow the business result to be successful and transparent as well as

establishing of confidence for those shareholders, investors, and all those concern, we hereby provided the Good

Corporate Governance

Policy to cover  principles in 5  categories as follow

1. Right of shareholders

2. Equitable treatment of shareholders

3. Role of stakeholders

4. Disclosure and transparency

5. Responsibilities of the board

The Corporate Governance Policy

1. Providing of  business ethics and code of conduct for directors and employee and monitor for compliance with these codes,

and occasionally review and  update them.

2. Providing of the clear and appropriate structure, roles, duty, and responsibilities of the board of directors and  the executives.

3. Board self evaluation should be conducted.

4. Providing, maintaining, and review the financial control, operating control, and corporate governance, in order to effectiveness

and to ensure that all company’s activities are conducted in accordance with relevant law and ethical standards, and also  

performing of risk management and  focus to  warning  signs  and  unusual transactions.

5. Important information on the company’s business is disclosed correctly, accurately, transparency and on a timely basis to

shareholders as well as stakeholders.

6. Providing of reliable financial report System and Auditing System, and also evaluating of the adequacy of internal control, risk

management, and performance monitoring systems.

7. Making sure that the right of those shareholders and all stakeholders are properly protected and treated.

8. Thoroughly and transparency care taking and resolving of any occurrence of all conflict of interest.

9. Arranging of environmental and social policies.