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Policy of disclosure of information



Thai Stanley Electric Public Company Limited (the company) and Board of Directors place considerable importance on corporate

governance as the best practice and acknowledge the importance of disclosure of information to provide the necessary information

accurately and timely, to meet all requirements established by government and related agencies. The company, therefore, set out

the policy regarding disclosure of information as guidelines to be followed by directors, executive and employees as outlined below.


Policy regarding disclosure of information

  • The company will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that disclosure of the company information will be managed complying with the company’s policy regarding disclosure of information and in accordance with all applicable laws regulations and rules.
  • The company will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that understandable, accurate, complete, thorough and reliable disclosure of information and explanation will be given timely and in a precise manner to a wide range of stakeholders to enhance the transparency of our business activities.
  • The company will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that the disclosure of company information is undertaken periodically and fairly without discrimination according to the framework set by the company. Any conduct that could potentially bring conflicts of interests should be avoided.
  • The company will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that confidential information of the company, customers, shareholders and any other stakeholders will be taken through precautions for sound management and protection of such information so that it will not give negative effects on the relationship between customers and the company.
  • The company will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that the ‘insider information’ considered confidential will be handled in accordance with the requirements or limitations prescribed in the company’s Code of Conduct.


The communications

The chairman, the president and the executive vice president are authorized to inform the necessary information about the

company and able to designate executive officers to respond to specific inquiries through Investor Relations or designated Investor

Relations officers. The customers, shareholders, investors or any interested persons can access to the company information or

request for further information via the channel sited in the company’s website.( Moreover,

the company has set up Investor Relations to be responsible for providing general information, responding all inquiries and

interacting with all departments in the company and the outsiders as well.


Standards and forms of communication

The company will continually inform results of the company operation including other necessary information to shareholders,

investors and interested persons periodically via the public communications of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the

company’s website. The company will deliver the annual report, financial report and documents explaining the results of

company operation to shareholders every year as a document for the Annual General Meeting. The company will disclose all

reports, media releases and copies of significant business presentations in the general meeting on the company’s website. The

company will not allow individually meetings or discussions with analysts, fund managers , investors or any interested persons but

will hold a conference meeting with analysts quarterly to provide current reports and the reports of the conference meeting will be

disclosed on the company’s website.