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The2023 green factory project Activity
December 2023 The company had the green factory project 2023 Activity, by Mr. Kazunori Nakai and Mr.Apichart Lee-issaranukul have participated in the planting activity. The tree is Thai bungor. There are 18 trees and 14 inch of dimension size. The tree is famous for its showy, colorful, fragrant and long-lasting pink-purple flowers, fading white, which are borne in large paniples at the end of branches in the summer months(February -March). The total of carbon-dioxide emission absorb quantity is 30.78 kgCO2eq./year.


The Learning Center of the Environment and Energy Conservation
On December 28, 2021  The Company open  the Learning Center of the Environment and Energy Conservation . This Center has been established under the principle of 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and is part of the Thai Stanley Farm Project, which is carried out on the basis of the sufficiency economy principle where land within the company is used for the benefit of employees and to increase the green area within the compound  and this center is located next to the Lamp 7 Factory, which area 196-square meter.


2021 Green Factory Project
On December 28, 2021  The Company held  the Green Factory Project activity where executives and employees join together to plant trees to increase green space in the company on the last working day of the year.
2020 Green Factory Project
On December 25, 2020, The Company Organized the Green Factory 2020 that the Management, the Environment Committee and the Employees planted trees to increase green space in the Company
 2018 E-Award from Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.  
 June  2019  The President of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Travel to give the 2018 E- Award trophy  from Lamp 1 – Project changing the plastic machine to be an energy saving model
Green Factory
conducted in which the management and staff planted trees together to increase green area within the compound on the last work day of the year.
World Environment day 2018 Activity
The Energy and Environment Committee In conjunction with the SE Department, there is an Environmental Day

event within the company on June 5-12, 2018. Under the slogan of the World Environment Day in 2018, ” Beat

Plastic Pollution : If you can’t reuse it, refuse it” There are photo contest activities on the topic “Stanley cares for

the environment and energy conserves”, Environmental and energy Questions. All of our employees and staff are

cooperated. To attend the event. They also pay attention to environmental protection. It is also part of reducing

greenhouse gas emissions within the company.

 2EN Environmental and Energy Culture
The company remains firm in pursuing its “Environmental and Energy Culture” to stimulate employees to have

greater awareness on efficient use of resources, the company has reiterated its intention to promote its energy

conservation campaigns via various internal communication media. Impressively, the results can be

achieved as planned.

3 Rs Project & Zero Waste to Landfill
On May 14,2013 Thai Stanley joined a ceremony of 3rs project & zero waste to landfill for year 2013. On this

occasion Mr.N.Nutthapol, Department of Industrial Works , Mr.P. Nansun, consultant of CMS Engineering and

Management Co.,Ltd. And Mr.S.Jeerapan, Safety Manager, representative at Century Park Hotel Bangkok.

Supplier Meeting
On February 12,14,15  2013 Safety  & Environment Section organized a training of supplier meeting. The objective

is give knowledge about company regulations of safety. On this occasion Mr.S.Jeerapan, Ms.T.Varissanan,

Ms.T.Piyaporn ,Mr.K.Aroon and Ms.C.Chawiwan gave the lecture.