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Quality Assurance




The quality policy of the company’s “firm commitment to creating a quality assurance system in international standards.

Deliver products with confidence to get satisfaction and trust from customers. “The company has established agencies.

Guarantee of quality products to customers more confidence in the quality of its products. The tests in every step of

manufacturing a device that can test products to international standard. Whether it is a standard Japanese,European,U.S. or

engineering standards, customer

-specific set up.The journeyman employees. It also includes tools for analysis of hazardous substances that contaminated raw 

materials or parts with different requirements of RoSH / ELV making has been accredited ISO / TS16949,ISO 9001. In

addition,quality assurance of agencies. Also help in providing feedback on products and consulting services. Receive

any complaints from customers. To receive customer satisfaction in product quality.

Product Durability & Performance Testing Equipment the following:

  • Photomatry Testing System
  • Luminance Colorimeter
  • Vibration M/C System
  • Impact Test M/C
  • Rain Test Instrument
  • Dust Test Instrument
  • Salt Spray & Cass Test Instrument
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Constant Temperature Bath
  • High Temperature Oven
  • Test Chambers Luminous Flux
  • Bulb Life Test M/C
  • Defogging Test Chamber
    EDX-720 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


The availability of a quality assurance department asking you to trust in the quality of the product. That you will

receive quality products that meet standards under the symbol